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A little digging revealed that there was already some information on this topic.Weaver analyzed the arguments used in five different oral debates about the issue of origins.Scientists and science journalists are not the only individuals who make persuasive arguments about science, however.

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Because there were certain unanswered questions regarding the nature of persuasive arguments about origins, Church, Samuel Draznin-Nagy, and I decided to analyze the contemporary websites that persuasively argued for either creationism, ID, or evolution.

Our main goal was to identify all the persuasive arguments, and then describe them in terms of type and topic.

The data component of each argument provided us with the argument type while the claim of each argument provided us with the argument topic.

As can be seen in included such arguments as “Because no missing links have been found, evolution didn’t happen.” The focus of these arguments was not on empirical evidence that had been discovered, but on missing or absent empirical evidence.

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ersuasive argumentation is part of the human experience, and it is just as much a part of science as it is part of other human institutions.

We did not use sermons, Power Point presentations, audio, or video files.

All of the websites we chose were advocacy sites that presented lists of arguments arguing for one of three positions: creationism, ID, or evolution.

Several years ago, I became curious as to whether those in the scientific mainstream argued for their position in the same way that those outside the scientific mainstream argued their case.

For instance, are the types of arguments used by mainstream scientists similar to the types of arguments employed by creationists?


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