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Over time, this body of literature showed an increase in learning as well as in legal, political, and philosophical sophistication, and it produced a body of thought upon which spokespersons for the resisting colonies in the 1760s and 1770s could draw in their defense of colonial liberties from the encroachments of metropolitan power.For over a century, in formal political writing, they had effectively been testing, defining, and expanding the bounds of liberty in Britain’s overseas possessions.Above all, English people thought of themselves as distinct from other peoples because of their successful dedication to liberty and the rule of law, to which even the monarchy had been subjected.

At the same time, a significant number of authors in the colonies (many, but not all of them government officials) took the side of the metropolis, defending it against the defiance of colonial protagonists and their alleged encroachments upon metropolitan authority.

During the eight decades following the Glorious Revolution, the same question arose repeatedly, connected to a wide variety of issues.

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Continent English Essay Government Ofamerica Plantation Upon

collection which presents a rich and extensive selection of the political literature produced in and about colonial British America during the century before the American Revolution (1687-1774). “A Sincere Lover of Virginia” [Sir William Gooch], A Dialogue (Williamsburg, 1732).

Already by the 1670s, colonial spokespersons were producing formal writings about political questions, a few of them published in New England, which had the only printing presses then in English America, but most of them published in London.

Throughout the colonial era, colonials and metropolitans concerned with colonial questions continued to publish their political writings in London or elsewhere in Britain.

Liberty and law, they were persuaded, were the essential badges through which they could continue to identify themselves as English people, although living far away in climates and places that bore little physical resemblance to the country they had left behind.

Hence, from the very beginning of overseas settlement, colonists made every effort to lay claim to the principles of English law and liberty, to incorporate those principles into the political and legal structures of the communities they were establishing in the New World, and to elicit metropolitan acknowledgment that, by virtue of their national inheritance as English people or the descendants of English people, they were fully entitled to that system of law and liberty.


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