Consumer Behaviour Assignment

Consumer Behaviour Assignment-54
You will also have an online record of your work that could be used to showcase your work in a digital portfolio. A Digital Learning Object is a modular resource that can be used to support learning.

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Do Not just assign different parts to different members and upload them to a tool.

This a a group project that needs coordination and team work.

Your object will contain visuals and text but may also include audio and interactive elements. Groups ( Maximum group size is 5) We have 60 students in the class; therefore, there will be 12 groups made up of 5. Your group will choose one of the topics and then narrow it down to one particular area of the subject.

Only one group can have a particular topic so it is first-come-first-serve.

Everything in your learning object should be understood without anyone adding anything in person.

A person should be able to go to your link, and either see a movie, an animation or click through your tool and learn about your chosen topic without explanation.All your words will be visible and will represent you, so make sure your text is your own and that your text is well edited.It is extremely important that you carefully edit your work and ensure that your written words are your own and any words taken from other sources are properly documented.You will upload this to the Assignment submission link in Blackboard and bring a copy to class in week 6 to discuss your proposal with the professor.All members of the group must be present in week 6 for this discussion.If you are taking information directly from any source, you need to either use quotations or paraphrase and document your source.Any cut and paste from any source would mean a zero on the whole project.As soon as you have a group and topic, please have it approved by handing in a completed sign up sheet.All students should be signed up to a group by week 3.Although this is a group assignment, there are individual responsibilities so marks may vary within the group. Presentation Dates Dates and groups are listed at the bottom of this page. Your group will also select your presentation date.As this is the case, an early decision gives a group the best choice of topic and date.


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