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I have decided to take the most advanced courses in mathematics, chemistry and physics available in school in order to challenge myself and make sure that I will be as prepared as possible for your study programme.

Even though I have been reluctant many times to follow this combination of courses, as it is regarded as having the largest workload, I have pushed through the past two years of school work and I have made it possible thanks to my passion, commitment and hard work in mathematics, chemistry and physics.

My interest in computer science began around three years ago when I first came into contact with computer coding in school while creating a small website. I started working on small projects of my own, creating other websites and a simple calculator.

I have learned small pieces of codes from several languages through the Harvard lectures that are available online freely as well as through other.

No application for this extended funding is required.

All or most of the cost of tuition is covered by the assistantship or fellowship.

Most students will be more interested in the first category, since these are the fellowships that they can actively seek for themselves.

Fellowships Requiring Applications: These are all national, well-known fellowships. permanent residency status at a minimum; most require full citizenship.

In most cases (but not alll), students are eligible to apply during their senior year as an undergraduate, or at the beginning of their first or second year in graduate school. These fellowships all follow approximately the same application format: 3-4 essays, transcripts, resume or awards list, 3 letters of recommendation, and a research proposal.

Don't worry: none of them expects you to follow your proposal; they simply want to see that you can think logically about problems in your field.


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