Colleges That Major In Creative Writing

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The most common undergraduate program for aspiring writers is the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English.In these programs, students are exposed to literary genres from multiple historical time periods and regions of the world.Aspiring writers who want to focus on journalism may enroll in an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Journalism program, in which students can develop their writing skills for the purpose of news dissemination.

Students who can write clearly and think creatively typically find jobs in a wide range of occupations, many of them located well beyond what is traditionally considered the career path of English or creative writing.

Some of the most common jobs are editing/publishing, grant and proposal writing, feature film and television writer and digital copywriter just to name a few.

Through these programs, students take a few theoretical courses and participate in a writing workshop.

They may also be able to network with published authors and aspiring professionals.

In some programs, students must get hands-on training through an internship program at a media organization prior to graduation.

Associate's degree programs in English usually confer an Associate of Arts (AA) degree.Students in these programs take basic literature and writing courses as well as general education classes.Credits earned through these programs may be transferrable to a four-year Bachelor of Arts in English program.A.), a 3-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) or a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing programs focus primarily on the art and the craft of writing.When they apply, students must usually declare a concentration in either poetry or fiction.Over the course of the program, students compile a portfolio of their work, which they may use to demonstrate their skills to graduate school admissions officers or potential employers.Aspiring journalists can find BA and BS in Journalism programs as well as professional Bachelor of Journalism programs.Students develop their expository writing skills for purposes such as argumentation, persuasion and literary analysis.At some schools, students may also choose a concentration in creative writing.Through small workshop classes, students develop their style and voice by writing extensively, and they constructively critique each other's work while maintaining an atmosphere of support and learning.Traditional lecture courses in literature and cultural studies are also required, and students may also be required to teach undergraduate creative writing courses.


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