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For example, the narrator addresses his vis-a-vis as “cher ami” that means that he might be of the French origin.

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Before starting to write, you need to do the close reading of the content.

The purpose of close reading is to observe the details in the text and outline the main idea.

Writing an academic essay can be difficult sometimes.

At school, students are often asked to write essays discussing art objects, movies and pieces of writing.

Further, you will need to interpret your observations and notes.

The process of interpreting the information absorbed during close reading is called inductive reasoning.And many of their women, whose beauty was more than human, gained a human soul by loving one of the races of men.But the reverse occurred also, and often a love-sick youth lost his immortality because he left the haunts of his kind to dwell with the fair, soulless denizens of the running streams or of the forest airs.” When performing a close reading, you need to follow these steps: This will help you perform your work easier.The statement that those creatures “possessed no soul” makes us curious of how they emerged.We don’t know where this narrative will lead us, but we already try to proceed reading to know more. Observing the details of the language used in the narrative can bring us more information as well.They were thought to be powerful and conscious of their power, though at the same time they were profoundly aware that they possessed no soul.Their life depended upon the continuance of some natural object, and hence for them, there could be no immortality.You may highlight some structural elements, oppositions, the historical background of the document or other features of the text that could be interesting or useful.All these moves form the first step of close reading.The questions you may wish to ask are as follows: The questions “why” and “how” and the similar will help you to conduct a better analysis of the text and then process the data gathered.The questions should concern the patterns noticed when close reading the text.


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