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They told her a beautiful Princess had been at the ball, with whom the Prince was delighted.They did not know it was Cinderella herself, and she was amused to hear them admire her grace and beauty, and say that they were sure she was a royal lady.She did not stop to pick it up, but rushed to the door. The Prince was very much surprised when he missed Cinderella again, and leaving the ball, went in search of her.

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The Prince was quite vexed when supper-time came, and he could not find his beautiful partner, and no one had seen her leave the room.

But in hopes of beholding her again, he persuaded the King to give another grand ball.

Next, the Fairy touched Cinderella’s rags, and they became rich satin robes, trimmed with point lace.

Diamonds shone in her hair and on her neck and arms, and her kind godmother thought she had seldom seen so lovely a girl.

Her sisters found her waiting to undress them in her usual rags, and kept her up to tell her how beautiful the unknown Princess was, and how well she was dressed. She makes every one look shabby.”Cinderella smiled as she helped them to dress.

Again the Prince was vexed at the sudden disappearance of the beautiful stranger, and once more he persuaded the King to give a grand State ball.“I wonder if Princess Beauty will be there! She was sure the Fairy would let her go to the ball too. Her godmother, pleased with her obedience, came in good time, and Cinderella, dressed in blue satin and pearls, went in the same style as before.Cinderella’s mother died while she was a very little child, leaving her to the care of her father and her step-sisters, who were very much older than herself; for Cinderella’s father had been twice married, and her mother was his second wife.Now, Cinderella’s sisters did not love her, and were very unkind to her.Cinderella was received at the King’s palace with great respect.The Lord Chamberlain bowed low to her, thinking she must be a very great lady by her dress and carriage, and he showed her at once into the ball-room.Her old shoes became a charming pair of glass slippers, which shone like diamonds.“Now go to the ball, my love,” she said, “and enjoy yourself.But remember, you must leave the room before the clock strikes eleven.” answered the elder sister, with a sneer; “it is no place for a cinder-sifter: stay at home and do your work.”When they were gone, Cinderella, whose heart was very sad, sat down and cried bitterly; but as she sat sorrowful, thinking of the unkindness of her sisters, a voice called to her from the garden, and she went out to see who was there.It was her godmother, a good old Fairy.“Do not cry, Cinderella,” she said; “you also shall go to the ball, because you are a kind, good girl.Directly the Prince saw her, he asked her to dance, and would have no other partner, and as he led her past her two unkind sisters, she saw them look at her dress with envious eyes, and knew that they wished they were as beautiful, and as well-dressed as she was.But in the midst of her enjoyment, Cinderella remembered the Fairy’s command, and at half-past ten glided out of the room, and drove home again.


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