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Maybe you want to market your freelance writing skills.Or perhaps you want to sell handmade, needle-felted corgi dolls.

Maybe you want to market your freelance writing skills.Or perhaps you want to sell handmade, needle-felted corgi dolls.

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The income statement is one of the three financial statements that you need to include in the financial plan section of the business plan.

It shows your revenues, expenses, and profit for a particular period - a snapshot of your business that shows whether or not your business is profitable. While established businesses normally produce an income statement each fiscal quarter, or even once each fiscal year, for the purposes of the business plan, an income statement should be generated more frequently - monthly for the first year.

While both types of cash flow reports are important business decision-making tools for businesses, only the cash flow projection needs to be in the business plan. The second part of the cash flow projection lists your cash disbursements.

You should include cash flow projections for each month over one year in the financial section of your business plan. Take the various expense categories from your ledger and list the cash expenditures you actually expect to pay that month for each month.

The cash flow projection shows how cash is expected to flow in and out of your business.

For you, it is an important tool for cash flow management because it indicates when your expenditures are too high or you might need a short-term investment to deal with a cash flow surplus.Once your balance sheet is complete, write a brief analysis for each of the three financial statements.The analysis should be short with highlights rather than in-depth analysis.Whatever your great idea, you can improve your chances of success if you take the time to map out the creation of your business step-by-step. Choosing a name for your business is one of the most important aspects of becoming an entrepreneur, but it doesn’t have to be daunting.To help you with your plan, we created the checklist you need to fire up your start-up engines and fuel your entrepreneurial efforts into the future. That means choosing a name, deciding on a location, and creating a business plan. First, don’t get too hung up on picking the perfect name in the beginning.The financial section of your business plan determines whether or not your business idea is viable and will be the focus of any investors who may be attracted to your business idea.The financial section is composed of three financial statements: the income statement, the cash flow projection and the balance sheet and a brief explanation/analysis of these three statements.In other words, it describes the cash flow that has occurred in the past.The cash flow projection shows the cash that is anticipated to be generated or expended over a chosen period in the future. Only enter the sales that are collectible in cash during each month you are detailing.As part of your business plan, the cash flow projection will show how much capital investment your business idea needs.For investors, the cash flow projection shows whether your business is a good credit risk and if there is enough cash on hand to make your business a good candidate for a line of credit, a short-term loan, or a longer-term investment.


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