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But that doesn't mean you don't have to make a profit.

That same year, Rohr started Prison Entrepreneurship Program, and today, it has a $700,000 budget funded primarily with donations from CEOs and foundations.

Nearly 100 percent of the 250 convicts that have participated in PEP are employed on release.

"It's easy to start one, but there is not a clear understanding of what it takes to sustain one."Lofty goals or not, successful nonprofits employ business basics just like their for-profit counterparts.

If the idea of creating a nonprofit appeals to you, consider these pointers to launch one successfully.

Catherine Rohr was a 27-year-old UC Berkeley graduate with a thriving career in venture capital when, at a reception in 2004, she heard an ex-convict speak about the successful construction business he started after leaving prison. She realized former drug dealers and gang leaders had entrepreneurial skills: They knew how to manage people, make a profit and handle competition.

Using her finance-world connections, she could recruit CEOs to teach ex-convicts to use those skills to start legitimate businesses.A nonprofit essentially belongs to the community, so you will never be able to sell it.If it goes bust, its assets will be distributed to other nonprofits.Entrepreneurs like Rohr have a different goal: to make a difference.Nonprofit professionals say young businesspeople at all stages are increasingly drawn to the emotional rewards of nonprofit work.Nonprofit defined: A crucial difference between starting a nonprofit vs.a for-profit is that you're creating an asset you will never own, Heath notes.Started in 1998, SEED has since seen two similar concepts on the East Coast fail.Key to SEED's success is a model that requires only modest ongoing fundraising--about 0,000 of its nearly million annual budget.Even then, the pair had to regroup when expenses outstripped their forecast A former private-school teacher, Adler was frustrated with the way scholarship students from tough neighborhoods often floundered.His idea: board students, providing a safe, quiet place to study and mentors to keep students focused on college.


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