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INTRODUCTION: The Author was always interested in Hollywood and the glamour world, so the idea of using celebrities from the sports world as well as the entertainment industry has always intrigued him.This is the main motivating factor for doing this research.I am currently a final year student and would really appreciate it if any females between 18-25 years old or 35 would spare a few minutes and kindly fill in my questionnaire?

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a product endorsed by one celebrity) and multiple celebrity ads (i.e. The data will be then analyzed on the basis of percentage of respondents in accordance with these variables such as gender, age, educational background etc.This information will be presented in the form of graphs, for better clarification the same is depicted in the figure below: Figure 1: Factors taken into consideration while selecting a celebrity for endorsing a given brand / product: The rating will be shown on the x axis while the attributes will be shown on the Y axis.The numbers 1 to 9 indicate the attributes mentioned above, which are taken into consideration by marketers while endorsing a product.Their decision strategy may ...probably watch television for 1550 hours, spend approximately 1160 hours in listening to radio programs and nearly 290 hours are spent in reading newspapers, magazines and blogs (Eastman, 2003).This level of interaction with media confirms the reliance of the audience on the information provided on these mediums.involvement of celebrities for endorsing products / brands, or services.Thus, I wanted to explore the influence of such a promotional marketing strategy, in influencing the consumers in making their purchase decision; and to assess whether the consumers are really motivated to buy a product if it is endorsed by their favourite celebrity.Furthermore, I was interested in exploring and......? Evaluating the Financial Impact of Branding Using Trademarks: A Framework and Empirical Evidence. Retrieved from Summary This journal gives a candid evaluation of the impact of executing branding activities using high profile trademarks. The Use of Celebrity Endorsement as Marketing Communication Strategy by Turkish Airlines.Celebrity Endorsement Annotated Bibliography: Celebrity Endorsement Krasnikov, A., Mishra, S. It focuses on the reasons why most institutions are adopting the use of a strong brand name or celebrities and trademarks to execute their product advertisement. [pdf] International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences.An Enquiry into the Efficiency of Celebrity Endorsement as a Marketing Communication Strategy in Modern Day Society Introduction: Commercial organizations have historically sought to seek attention of their customers through the use of attractive and innovative marketing techniques.In the contemporary world characterized by ever increasing competition to secure a substantial market share, marketers across the globe use eye-catching tactics to generate curiosity among the consumers and increase their brand awareness.


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