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If you want to buy one of those hardback firsteditions nowadays, be prepared to pay athousand dollars or more.If Stephen King’ssignature is attached, the cost will be closer tofive grand.When he wrote,he was living in a trailer and writing on a borrowedtypewriter.

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Through chemisms Dreiser sought to explain all phenomena, organic as well as inorganic.For the unproven author of Carriewould turn into the leading horror writer of thelate 20th century.Stephen King would go on tosell more than 350 million copies, and accumulatea net worth of 0 million.These writers afforded no new revelations but cemented and gave authority to what he had long suspected.Human life was without purpose or meaning; man is an underling, a worthless blob of protoplasm on a dying planet whirling aimlessly through space — in Dreiser's own words, "a poor, blind fool." Hating from early childhood anything to do with religion, Dreiser found in mechanism a scientific sanction for suffering.Society is an aggregate whole of atomic underlings, each one an independent unit of force and desire, determined somehow by mechanical forces, pushing or making way for other forces as it bumps crazily along.Each individual encounters obstacles which destroy him or meets with fortuitous currents which help him toward his goal.The theory of evolution, as it was then conceived, revealed nature as a ruthless process of the struggle for survival; this was merely an extension on a larger scale of what Dreiser had observed in his boyhood and youthful travels through the eastern United States.Untrained in logical thought, he had little trouble in transferring the theories of evolution to everyday reality.The strong surge ahead, the weak fall back, or worse yet, become the slaves of their betters. Dreiser combines both the biological determinism of Darwin and the concept of blind fate in Sister Carrie.Severely handicapped by her innocence and poverty, Carrie appears to be caught in an inevitable spiral of disappointment and poverty, were it not for a series of circumstances and coincidences that lift her out of her condition.


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