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The setting of the story is in the early 60’s in an ordinary supermarket, which is located in a small quiet town, north of Boston.

Most of the customers are old and conservative, with a few tourists here and there.

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He also has fun watching the customers' reactions as they see the girls walk by.

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The girls enter Sammy's checkout line and are approached by the manager, Lengel.A & P is a story about a young man, about 19, named Sammy, who is a cashier at a local supermarket.His supporting characters are: Lengel, who is the store manager; Stoksie, Sammy’s buddy and a cashier; and Queenie plus her two followers, who are unusual customers at the supermarket.Lengel tells the girls that they are dressed against store policy.The girls argue that they were only running a quick errand for Queenie's mother, but Lengel again tells them that they must dress appropriately next time. Sammy finishes checking out the girls and then tells Lengel that he is quitting.At the start of the story, Sammy is a typical 19-year-old working at a grocery store.However, as he watches the reactions to the girls, he begins to change. In addition, he does not want to become someone that is working at a grocery store for the rest of his life.The store is nowhere near the beach, so it is a little odd that this group is there.Sammy begins to imagine things about each girl, assigning characteristics to each of them.Although he is afraid that he may get a bad reputation and disappoint his parents, he quits his job in support of the girls.Sammy's change to adulthood is also seen in his questioning of conformity.


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