Breast Cancer Research Paper Outline

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With the fungating lesions the tumor would die from the inside, making it to appear like it has broken up causing the skin to ulcerate all the while a dark fluid coming out from it....

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What are the factors that increase our risk of developing skin cancer?

Are there any ethnic groups or races that are predisposed to skin cancer?

How do cells become cancerous, how do they spread, and by what mechanisms?

Can one kind of cancer invade any organ or system, or are they specific to one area of the body?

Choose to focus your research and writing on a specific kind of cancer that either interests you, or has affected someone you care about.

Breast cancer gets considerable attention and with good cause.

Examine traditional medicines or treatments based on a holistic approach to good health. Even when scientists expose the creatures to high levels of carcinogenic substances, they very rarely fall prey to the killer disease.

Do Chinese doctors treat cancer the same as British physicians? It is believed that only two sharks have ever been found with malignant tumors.

There are risk factors that may lead to breast cancer.

There are 4 stages of breast cancer and several treatments, although treatments vary from types and stages of breast cancer.


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