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But…we don’t really feel like it today.” At first glance, you might think that it’s a different book, but a lot of this information is just more of the same. The practice test is not great, but it’s not terrible.

Also, note that I said “practice test” and not “practice tests” (the cover promises five).

However, tests 1-6 are the exact same 6 tests seen in the 2017 book. Two of the SAT essay prompt passages have been changed from older passages to newer ones.

The two new passages were written in 20, while the older essay prompt readings were from the early-to-mid 20th century.

We’ve moved one year forward, but there is no step forward of any sort when it comes to content.

One of the gravest sins here is that the book doesn’t explain wrong answers at all. Kaplan hasn’t mastered how the College Board now uses graphic stimuli in verbal sections.

That’s not a reason to not get this book or take the tests, but it is a reason to put Kaplan in your spam filter.

(I signed up for the tests online for the 2017 edition and I’m still getting emails about every 30 seconds.) How the Current Edition Compares to the Previous One Here again, Kaplan isn’t big on updates, other than on the copyright of the book.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t buy the book, but it might mean that you won’t use the book in its entirety.

I want to start by pointing out that Magoosh has a great, free SAT study guide! How the Current Edition Compares to the Previous One This book hasn’t been updated for a while (the most recent version was published in 2017), so steer clear of the first edition: it’s written for a previous edition of the test and won’t help you prepare for the current SAT!


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