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A block quotation is a direct quotation that is not placed inside quotation marks but instead is set off from the rest of the text by starting it on a new line and indenting it from the left margin.

No quotation marks are used and the citation is at the end of the quotation after the final punctuation mark.

Remember that your voice is important -- after all it is your paper!

Other signal verbs include: When citing outside sources, you are required to include: the author(s)' last name(s); the date of publication; and, for direct quotations, the page number on which the quoted passage appears.

If there is no page number, use the paragraph number to indicate the location of the quotation.

He envisioned a system that would protect and give treatment to these young offenders so that they could become productive adults, and saw no place for criminal responsibility and punishment within this system.

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While quoting from reliable sources is an important part of writing a research-based paper, some students can become too reliant on quotes to do the work for them, over-running their papers with other peoples’ words.

Precisely how do you insert this required information into your writing? The first is to include the full or last name(s) of the author(s) directly in a sentence, and the year of publication in parentheses just following the name(s).

If directly quoting, include at the end of your sentence the page number where the quotation can be found.

While each "official" style guide has its own approach to block quotes, individual publishers may have unique in-house rules.

APA stands for American Psychological Association, and APA style is used to format anything in the social sciences.


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