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From paragraph to paragraph, sentence to sentence, your ideas should be clear and flow naturally.

From paragraph to paragraph, sentence to sentence, your ideas should be clear and flow naturally.

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You are free to be creative in structure, employ dialogue, and use vivid descriptions—and you should!

Make sure that context and logic are inherent in your essay, however.

Many of them come with additional comments to help you learn what made them so effective.

Let them inspire you and help you to develop your own unique story.

For this reason, try to treat the essay as an opportunity to tell colleges why you are unique and what matters to you.

Since your Common App essay will be seen by numerous colleges, you will want to paint a portrait of yourself that is accessible to a breadth of institutions and admissions officers (for example, if you are only applying to engineering programs at some schools, don’t focus your Common App on STEM at the expense of your other applications — save that for your supplemental essays).Because the Common App essay is 650 words long and has few formal directions, organizing a response might seem daunting.Fortunately, at College Vine, we’ve developed a straightforward approach to formulating strong, unique responses.These are simply two examples of infinitely many ideas you could come up with.The first question focuses on your personality traits — who you are.We'll let you know what your chances are at your dream schools — and how to improve your chances!With the 2019-2020 application cycle soon underway, the College Vine essay team wanted to share our best strategies on how to write the all-important and often-intimidating Common App vital to writing an engaging essay, and this is the point students struggle with most.Instead of saying, “I struggled to make friends when I transferred schools,” you can show your emotions by writing, “I scanned the bustling school cafeteria, feeling more and more forlorn with each unfamiliar face. For example, “As a kid, I always played basketball,” can be improved to be “Every day after school as kid, I ran home, laced up my sneakers, and shot a basketball in my driveway until the sun went down and I could barely see.”, be sure that your sentence’s subject performs the action indicated by the verb, rather than the action performing onto the subject.This year, The Common App essay is the best way for admissions committees to get to you know you.While SAT scores, your past course load, and your grades provide a quantitative picture of you as a student, the Common App essay offers adcoms a refreshing glimpse into your identity and personality.


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