Belonging Essay The Crucible

Brief synopsis of text: Looking for Alibrandi focuses on one girl and the shame her family’s indiscretions have brought on them.

Throughout h HSC year, her father returns, she falls in love, loses a friend and discovers the truth of her identity.

Without stage direction the characters would appear motionless and with a blank face.

Examples of this technique can be seen throughout the text, but only some demonstrate belonging or not belonging.

In Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”, stage direction is used to demonstrate belonging and not belonging.

This technique is used throughout the text to show both belonging and not belonging, stage direction shows the audience, what the characters are doing, such as their movements and emotions about what has happened.

Individual Text Record Sheet for AOS: Belonging Title: Looking for Alibrandi Composer: Melina Marchetta Form and text type: Novel Publication date: 1992 Context: Set in 1992, Sydney, Australia, surrounding the secluded Italian community.

Audience: Young adults Purpose: To educate young adults on the stresses and losses of life and how, through reflection, they can set you free.

This is similar to Looking for Alibrandi where the main character, Josie, hides behind humorous sarcastic remarks to deal with troublesome situation.

Through the use of humour, both John Proctor and Josie Alibrandi are singled out and looked up to.


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