Back Lower Pain Spondylothesis

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Only in rare cases is surgery needed to fix the condition.

As with spondylolysis, health care professionals probably will recommend: If mild spondylolisthesis doesn't heal properly, kids can have chronic back pain and a loss of flexibility.

Some kids are born with a spondylolisthesis and some cases probably are genetic (passed down by parents to their children).

Spondylolisthesis can get worse while kids are growing and even into adulthood.

Sometimes, other imaging tests are done — such as a CT (computed tomography) scan or a lumbar MRI scan — to get a better look at the back and to see if the slipped vertebra is affecting the nerves.

Most people with spondylolisthesis get better by resting and doing exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the back.

The slippage most commonly occurs in the lowest part of the spine, between the 5 sacral vertebrate, although it may occur at higher levels in the lumbar spine.

It is caused by a stress fracture in the back portion of the spine, an area known as the pars articularis.

They should maintain their core strength and flexibility, and take breaks between sports seasons, games, and competitions.

Also, be sure that your kids know to immediately stop doing any activity that causes back pain.


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