Atlantic Canada Marine Biodiversity Essay 2012

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Seagrass beds provide important habitat for a wide range of marine species but are threatened by multiple human impacts in coastal waters.

Here, we review the growing literature on marine extinctions and extinction risk in the fossil, historical, and modern records to compare the patterns, drivers, and biological correlates of marine extinctions at different times in the past."Today’s Wadden Sea is a heavily human-altered ecosystem.

We constructed individual food webs for each study site and cumulative webs for each province and the entire region based on presence/absence of species, an...

In the coming century, life in the ocean will be confronted with a suite of environmental conditions that have no analog in human history.

Large-scale habitat transformation over the last 1,000 years has eliminated diverse terrestrial, freshwater, brackish and marine habitats.

Intensive exploitation of everything from oysters to whales has depleted most large predators and habitat-building species since medieval times.

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