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"A professional research astronomer does not merely appreciate the beauty and wonder of the objects in the sky.This is the daily challenge - to come to some sort of understanding of the basic underlying physics that gave rise to the universe and the objects in it.Steve Saunders, project scientist for the Magellan mission.

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Rather, astronomers must apply equal measures of analytic thinking and imagination, logic and intuition, to answer the most fundamental questions about the cosmos: What are stars and planets? Although most colleges require at least one year of high school science and two years of high school mathematics, this minimum background is insufficient for students planning to major in science.

A better approach is to complete math through pre-calculus in high school.

Even more extraordinary, 18 months later these comet fragments, known collectively as Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, would collide with Jupiter, providing astronomers the opportunity to study such an event for the first time!

The Magellan spacecraft had already mapped over 84 percent of the surface of Venus with its imaging radar when it revealed a surprising new feature: a narrow channel snaking its way 4,200 miles across the hellish surface.

These guides provide students with a checklist for their chosen coursework project and their final report.

Tips on how to plan and carry out an observing session are included along with a template observing log.Many entering students have taken advanced placement calculus and/or physics, though these courses are not required.Students are also encouraged to get involved in high school science groups, state junior academies of science, and local amateur astronomy clubs.Lava is one possibility, but to carve the narrow channel, it would have had to flow rapidly and with the consistency of paint."The very existence of such a channel is a great puzzle," said Dr.The channel is 55 miles longer than the Nile River, the longest river on Earth.Water could not have carved out this channel, because the planet's high surface pressure and temperature would have quickly transformed liquid water to vapor.It is this challenge and the satisfaction gained by solving these puzzles that drew me to astronomy." — Tereasa Brainerd, California Institute of Technology.Primary research of interest: the origin and evolution of structure in the universe.Such discoveries not only reveal a universe richer and more varied than had been suspected by previous generations, but pose bold, new challenges for scientists. Interplanetary spacecraft have observed eight of the nine planets in phenomenal detail, mapped and landed on the surfaces of the moon, Mars, and Venus, and returned the first close-up images of a comet nucleus and several asteroids.Orbiting observatories scrutinize star clusters, nebulae, the violent cores of galaxies, and distant quasars.


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