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This is handy because you can declare code anywhere and multiple times not caring if its been assigned or not previously, knowing it will only be assigned once since people using a plugin might accidentally declare your script tag src multiple times.Explanation: Each value is evaluated from left-to-right, one at a time.If a value evaluated is falsy, evaluation stops and that value is then assigned.

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falsy means it is any one of these values as it handles the && stuff under the hood while being nice to use in a convenient method.

Lodash _source code The other useful strange assignment that is in practical use is the OR operator which is typically used for plugins like so: which will only assign the code portion if "Widget" is falsy.

Java Script has dozens of operators, so let’s focus on the ones you’re likely to see most often. Adding the grouping operator to the previous example causes 1 100 to evaluate first.

You can solve this using the && operator in an assignment or often called the guard operator since it "guards" from the undefined error happening.

The These types of assignments happen so frequently that we have been given shorthand assignment operators.

It’s easy to use these shorthand assignment operators, and they work for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

2) It is easy for devs to just see it as a safety check and not consider they are assigning false to their var.

Moving on in our journey of the Java Script language, we can now take a look at some additional building blocks of our Java Script code, and that would be in the form of Java Script Operators and Expressions.

I have been seeing && overused here at work for assignment statements.

The concern is twofold: 1) The 'indicator' check is sometimes a function with overhead that developers don't account for.


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