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The new turmoil had been set off by the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February of 2005 by a car bomb in Beirut.

On the day it happened, I was working as a reporter for a Lebanon-based English-language newspaper called the Daily Star, covering mostly environmental news, and I instinctively rushed to the scene.

While there are great differences between the Eastern Europe of 1989 in the air bridge today there are nonetheless striking similarities between the revolts.

History helps us to predict clearly when current uprisings will become fully fledged revolutions.

There are many striking parallels between the two movements and comparisons need to be thoroughly explored.

There are many similarities between the post-communist revolts that took place between 1989 1991 and the Arab uprisings that took place in 2011.

Different from the prior movements and uprisings that were organised and directed by a chief leader, the insurrections in Arab Spring was structurally changed that started by a mass of the online connected young people. Social media is not the strategy that sparked or guaranteed the revolution, but it vitally contributed to the spread of movements.

The Internet and social media first empowered the young people to stimulate the uprisings, whi...

But recently has continued uprisings begin to shake the area this comparison has started to come back into play.

The analogy was brought up on a visit to Warsaw by Pres.


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