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(c) 1 point: In spite of the reference to specific examples outside the period, the answer earned a point for noting that increased immigration made for “cheap labor.” My point in showing you these two examples is to demonstrate that (1) being accurate, (2) writing clearly, and (3) referencing specifics are what the exam graders are looking for in responses. Using the political cartoon, answer (a), (b), and (c) .If you can do those three things, you will be well on your way to full credit for each short answer question. (a) Briefly describe ONE historical perspective that would support the ideas presented in this political cartoon.(b) Briefly describe ONE historical perspective that would contradict/disagree with the ideas presented in this political cartoon.

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I can do that and break down why the student got the score that they did. How well do you think this student addressed the three components in the question?

The following example, and student response, is taken from the 2016 APUSH exam. For part (a), the question is asking you what contributed to the change shown on the graph – not what was the most important cause, or the major factor, but what contributed. The graph is showing an exponential increase in immigration to the United States (notice the question isn’t asking for a specific part of the United States – score! Questions (b) and (c) are asking you to explain historical events that resulted from this increase in immigration; again, this is not requiring you to talk about an immediate result or the most significant, but just to explain events that resulted from the change depicted in the graph. Did you get a little confused at the third response?

(b) Democrats, like Stephen Douglas, would likely disagree with the opinions presented in this political cartoon because they believed compromise over slavery was the way to keep the union together.

(c) An obvious outcome of the tensions presented in this cartoon was the Civil War; a continuing outcome of the tensions could also be the conflict that has come to be known as “Bleeding Kansas.” (a) Nast is responding to the finishing of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 that brought in an influx of Chinese immigrants and the xenophobic attitudes that Chinese workers endured as a result of their immigration.

After all, what is this 3% limit on immigration this student is responding to? As stated by the College Board, the makers of the APUSH exam, this student earned 1 point for part (a) – “This brief response earned a point for identifying that due to the Industrial Revolution “more and more factory jobs were available,” causing “an influx of immigration.” – 1 point for part (b) – “The response earned a point for…stating that “ ‘true Americans’” developed “negative feelings towards immigrants.” – but earned 0 points for part (c) – “No point was awarded for this response because it incorrectly asserts that a “3% limit applied to immigration” during this period.” Let’s look at another example that got all 3 points.

Your default assumption may be that this second response is longer, and therefore, it earned more points.The short answer is one of the newer features of the APUSH exam, and at 20% of your overall APUSH score, you want to make sure you can tackle these questions with confidence.Use these 3 questions – and one student example – to help you study for the short answers on the APUSH exam.Using the political cartoon, answer (a), (b), and (c) .(a) Briefly describe ONE event or idea that Nast was responding to in this cartoon.(c) One reason for the falling unemployment rates in 1941 was the increase in wartime industry.The US supplied war materials to their allies before entering World War II in December 1941.(b) This cartoon was published in a Northern magazine because the ruins of the Civil War and southern prejudice are depicted in the background.Nast is drawing a parallel between slavery and discrimination against Chinese workers.That being said, she does not have a favorite historical time period (so don't bother asking).In addition to history, she enjoys writing, practicing yoga, and scouring Craigslist for her next DIY project or midcentury modern piece of furniture.


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