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I start school soon, and I’m kinda worried about the class.On one hand, I love history, and my history teacher from last year is the teacher that teaches Euro at my school (I love her as a person and a teacher).The DBQ is graded out of 7 points and the LEQ is graded out of 6 points.

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As a result of these causes came out response, the most common response was riots and chaos (5,11,7).

These revolts would end in thousands of rebel deaths and others are also killed.

However, my working habits leave a lot to be desired.

I’m not someone who never does their work or always turns stuff in late, I just procrastinate a lot and stress out over my work.

Basically, we have quizzes called VRQs on each chapter weekly, and I was wondering if anyone else had these.

There’s vocabulary, true and false, and chronology on the quiz .My teacher made us start learning from the beginning of the universe and how life started, all to way to homo sapiens and we're about to have a test on it.I really don't know if this is actually a part of the exam and the course, or he's just gotten bored since he's literally been teaching for 35 years.About one-third of the questions focus on cultural and intellectual themes, one-third on political and diplomatic themes, and one-third on social and economic themes.Many questions draw on knowledge of more than one chronological period or theme.Although this is the general trend based on past AP Exams, it is not mandated that the exam follow this format.In recent years and present, the multiple choice portion is Stimulus Based, meaning the students are given an excerpt of a speech or writing, photograph, or painting, to analyze and answer questions and/or give presentations on the given info.The multiple-choice and short-answer sections are to be completed in 55 minutes and 40 minutes respectively.The essay section is to be completed in 100 minutes (including the mandated 15-minute reading period).Should I be worried or do you think I’ll have a good chance at bettering my work ethic along the way?Advanced Placement European History (commonly known as AP Modern European History, AP Euro, AP European, APEH, or MEHAP), is a course and examination offered by the College Board through the Advanced Placement Program.


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