Ancient Greece And Rome Thesis Statement

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A shared and common language developed around the Aegean sometime in the 8th century BCE.

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The United States has three branches of government similar to the Roman Republic.Of course, the masters of both cultures worked on various mediums beyond these.Greek pottery, for instance, was a popular import in Italy.But as the republic matured and moved away from republicanism its religion became more eclectic and cosmopolitan.Each household was free to have a shine for its own god and each street corner its own idol., whether the dominant male in her household of birth or the household of her husband.She could own and dispose of property and go about as she wished.Of course this all changed as the emperor cults of Augustus and “mystery” religions floated through the empire, like Zoroastrianism and eventually Christianity, and proved to move the empire toward a monotheist religious order by the 4th century CE.Culture and Language Culture and language go together for both the Greeks and the Romans.It established a mixed Republican form of government, combining elements of democracy, oligarchy, and monarchy, In time, rule by one returned to Rome, but in a new, initially, constitutionally sanctioned form that we know as Roman emperors.The Roman Empire split apart, and, in the West, eventually reverted to small kingdoms.


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