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Stewart uses exaggeration, incongruity and attention to detail to satirize the United States involvement in the situation.

Stewart exaggerates the circumstances by which the United States placed a wire-tap onto Angela Merkel’s phone. Bush giving a quick massage to Angela Merkel on her shoulders as actually placing a wire-tap on her. Stewart indirectly leads the audience to see that although the spying was over a decade long and also occurred during the Bush Administration, Obama was the one to cross the line.

Where Colbert utilizes more comedy in his work, Stewart entails a combination of comedy and serious opinion, His use of satire with different rhetorical devices allows him to characterize the relations between Germany and France.

It also allows him to convey his position on drone strikes and the American/Pakistan relations.

This would-be weekend getaway becomes a set-up to trap Chris and auction off his body, which will be taken over through surgery by the highest bidder.

Chris is far from the first victim, and, in this case, the "winner" of the auction is a blind man, who wants to make use of Chris' eyes.The incongruity of the clip was mainly meant for a satirical/comedic effect (To poke fun at the mess the United States is in at the moment), but it also has an important political distinction. Stewart’s satire however climaxes near the end of the video when Jay Carney (United States Press Secretary) issue a press response stating, “The President assured, the Chancellor the United States is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor.Stewart pinpoints the detail that Jay Carne stated the United States “is not” and “will not” monitor the chancellor, but there was no mention of a past tense “we were not.” Stewart finds it funny that the white house Press Secretary, whose job is to issue statements to the press, might have missed such an important detail.(And, of course, 's meaning and its relation to the nature of movies themselves.The film's plot revolves around around Chris, an African-American photographer, who is brought by his white girlfriend to her ostensibly liberal, socially conscious parents' house.S is currently in-While the government believes that we are fine, we are actually treading in uncharted waters.Stewart also uses the juxtaposition of the two statements to characterize the irony of the situation-The US was not only spying on its own citizens but it was also spying on the citizens of its foreign ally, France.” Jon Stewart satirically oppose the recent events that took place last week in which reports have surfaced that the U.S has failed to acknowledge the numerous civilian deaths in Pakistan drone strikes, and France and Germany have discovered that the United States National Security Administration has been spying on them for over a decade.S failed to acknowledge the correct amount of civilian deaths.Dumbfounded, Stewart states that he was not aware that Pakistan did not like its civilians being killed by a foreign superpower.


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