An Essay On Terrorism Happens Because

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Instead of acting as truth-seekers and weighing new evidence objectively, we often react to events as ‘political fans,’ overvaluing any new information that seems to reinforce our preexisting views” (Somin).

Thus, the first thing our society should focus on is the truthful and objective assessment of each terrorist act.

You can also use them to come up with your own topic. Unfortunately, strong emotions hinder the ability to think rationally and look for the root of the problem, focusing only on its consequences.

You are welcome to use our example as a template for your own writing. Preventing and fighting terrorism is a challenging task for civilians.

Thus, the population helps terrorists to achieve their goal and to cause global changes with the least effort.

Inadequate responses to terrorist attacks are one of the goals that aggressors try to achieve.

The more destructive it is, the more audiences they will have.

Thus, terrorists will be greatly increased if they can influence people around the world to achieve the objectives or goals that the terrorists’ group has plotted.

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