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Acid rain refers to rain water containing acidic particles, especially sulphuric and nitric acids.

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Acid rain has been a threat to the world’s ecosystems since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution when machines and industry began spewing out acidic pollution into our atmosphere.

However, the earth can neutralize (buffer) the slight acidic qualities of normal rainfall through alkaline chemicals found in rocks and soil.

Rain that has become increasingly acidic, through atmospheric pollutants, places a strain upon the earth’s p H buffering system.

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Scandinavia has witnessed the destruction of over 5,000 aquatic ecosystems as a result of acid rain and Ontario Canada has lost fish in an estimated 4,000 lakes and streams.

In addition to the destruction of aquatic life, acid rain has also stripped forests in the Jizera Mountains of Czechoslovakia to the point that two-thirds of all fir tress were completely stripped of all of their foliage.

While many may argue that these conditions do not affect human life, the reality is that acid rain poses a serious health risk for mankind.

Statistics definitively show that acid rain continues to be an environmental as well as a public health concern.


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