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Some women find the examination uncomfortable, for those that do, the discomfort passes quickly.Every effort will be made by the Mammographer to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the examination.Screening refers to tests that are given to people who have no symptoms, to find out if they might have a disease.

The upper plate lowers to gradually compress your breast.

Then, an X-ray tube moves in a circular arc from one side of your breast to the other.

Unlike a mammogram, which captures a 2D or flat image of the breast, a tomosynthesis can be used to produce 3D images.

The X-ray procedure is similar to a mammogram, except the X-ray tube moves in an arc over your breast.

While it moves around your breast, it takes images from many different angles.

As soon as it finishes moving, the pressure is released from your breast.

Excessive exposure to radiation carries a slight risk of causing cancer.

Standard mammography and Tomosynthesis mammography both involve the use of radiation to produce images.

You should receive results within two business days.

Most insurance carriers consider 3D mammography a covered service.


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